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The Gore Valley Trail through Dowd Junction will be reopened for a new season by 5 p.m. Friday, April 6th, weather permitting. Users are advised to use extreme caution during or after additional snowstorms due to snowplowing activity on Interstate 70.  In addition to sweeping, cleaning and other repairs, reopening the trail requires the installation of a fabric screen near the Mud Springs Gulch wildlife underpass which will be taking place on Wednesday, April 4th. The screen hides trail users from migrating deer and elk, and allows the trail to remain open during the spring migration season.

Regarding other pathways, the recreation trail from Sunburst Drive to East Vail will be plowed and opened the week of April 2; avalanche danger may be present near Aspen Lane. Other sections of recreation trails in Vail will reopen after Vail Mountain closes.

Following additional spring snowstorms, the pathways will be plowed back open after all other priorities have been serviced.