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Hard work and attention to detail can pay off. It also helps if you are a soulful person willing to learn from the greats while spending hours in bars, night clubs, juke joints and street festivals. The life of a musician can be taxing and every now and then extremely rewarding. Some measure that happiness with record sales or concert tickets sold. Christin Basso seems to measure it by his friends. Basso is a Vail Valley resident who has work the music circuit as a bass player in his two biggest success to date Little Hercules and now The Sessh. He has always thrived to push his musical boundaries further, but with the latest release from The Sessh Mind Spin, Basso has managed to push his musical horizons forward while taking a retrospective look back at the times that have gotten him to this point.

Basso has accumulated quite a litany of talented friends many of whom share their formidable skills on this record of merit. Mind Spin is a amalgamation of Basso’s journeys with elements of soul, jazz and rock in a fusion stew that almost defines a new beginning for funk. It certainly forecasts a new start for The Sessh. Over their six year history, the band has been touring infrequently with the exception of their annual pilgrimage to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage weekends where they have lit up the Maple Leaf Bar stage. Their full length record output has been just as inconsistent until now. Basso sounds a clarion call of a new start that is only possible by looking back. He refers to Mind Spin as a “retrospective of all the infusions of artist I have met and how they have helped me to look at music from the inside out and escape my old habits.” Guys like Leo Nocentelli of the Meters and “Papa” John Gros a funk keyboard master who have aided Basso’s growth as a musician and continue to support him with master takes on this great record.

Like the great Mississippi River, Mind Spin is confluence of musical influences drenched in New Orleans funk. Musical highlights like “Fist Full Of Mercy” and the jazzy “All I Can Do” will keep you on the dance floor while a few songs will get you thinking. “New Orleans” is a funky tribute to Basso’s “cultural and spiritual influence“ while “The Grind” takes a stand. In an “era of leaders rising to power through fear and bigotry its important for musicians to sing a better song about a better way,” Basso explains about the album’s centerpiece. “Life is a grind and we need to work though our differences by respecting each other.”

In the end it is that respect that Basso shares with his fellow musicians in particular his partner Trevor Jones who through some intense recording sessions determined the name of the band should be The Sessh (an abbreviation if you will). Jones has been making music with Basso in The Sessh for half a decade via a long distance relationship that gets its energy when the two hunker down in the “Funk Bunker,” Basso’s home recording studio in Eagle. They will take their high energy and new beginnings to a series of Funky Fridays in Edwards Riverwalk starting on July 28th to introduce locals to their new songs. You better bring your dancing shoes!