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“It was such an important part of rock history…All those people together under one roof, and there was nothing flawless or perfect about it.”- Warren Haynes

“They just looked like gods to me. I think it honestly went into me at a cellular level,” -musician Gillian Welch.

“We watch it every Thanksgiving. It’s our family tradition.”- Just Plain Bill Marlin

”It was an incredible cast of musicians, and they just rose to the challenge. Everyone was great, and I suppose that doesn’t always happen.” Record producer/musician Don Was.

“I do feel really proud of the gumbo of music we made and the fact that, to this day, there are a lot of bands out there that say, `You guys influenced us so much’ is a real compliment. I never, ever thought that somebody is trying to steal my thunder. I always thought that for somebody to be influenced by you or to copy you, either way, was very complimentary.” The Band’s Robbie Robertson

“Levon was my hero. I grew up on this thing.”- Avon’s Jake Wolf

This ‘thing’ all these people are talking about is The Last Waltz. The 1976 Thanksgiving Day final concert of The Band and the subsequent film directed by Martin Scorsese that has mesmerized multiple generations and this weekend will again cast its spell on the 10th anniversary of the closing of the former Vail nightclub 8150.

Under the capable auspices of Jake Wolf, The Vail Ale House will host a valley wide celebration of family, community and music as nearly three dozen Colorado musicians will share a stage to recreate The Last Waltz this Saturday. Wolf is putting this once in a decade production on for a number of reasons. For one, it is to the day anniversary of the closing of the famed 8150 Club in Vail, where Wolf and 35 musicians tore up the shaky aprés club literally just hours before it was torn down by bulldozers. It’s also the 40th anniversary of the release of the movie which has served as a standard for future concert films while connecting Bob Dylan’s former back up band to to fans of all ages.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.29.34 PMWolf explains the labor of love as an honor. “The valley has such a tight knit musical community; however, there are so few times that we all can gather to celebrate the connection we all share.  The Last Waltz provides that link we all share and the mountain staying open longer was kismet to making this all happen again as we close out another season of snow and song.”

The cavalcade of stellar musicians include Scott Rednor, Robby Peoples, Michael Jude, Johnny Schleper, Rob Eaton Jr., Jena Skinner, Terry McCune, Joe Hanley, Dewey Paul Moffitt, Spanky McCluer, Tori Pater, Bill McKay, Steven J Corr, Camille Sawtelle, Jude Wargo, Cristian Basso, Tommy Anderson amongst others.  It’s a celebration starting at 9pm Saturday Night April 22, at Vail Ale House in West Vail.  Come celebrate our local music community and put a fitting touch to the end of season. Its the Last Waltz of the ski year.